Key Features: company’s key features are writing services of different kinds like assignment help, essay writing, and coursework help, avoiding the errors of grammar, style, and content organization. However, this company is not reliable for writing because they are impotent to fulfil their key feature services.

The Website: Is It Easy to Use?

Mhr writer website is designed for writing but the site page contains lots of content in which visitors do find difficulties in reading and in services search. It is very extensively designed and the price calculator is ambiguous.

Features That Get Your Attention

Mhr writer highlighted their service with bold text like 100% satisfaction, 24/7 customer support, and high-quality work. All these features are only for the attention of the buyers in reality that are unable to meet their promise that they made.

What Can You Order?

This company offers assignment help of different kinds but their quality is not usable. We do not recommend this website for your writing tasks because they are scamming you.

The Scary Part: Is It Affordable?

The price portal is really scary for the students to afford. They charge high for their written garbage, $23, $35, $18, $32, are different prices in the chart which is not affordable for the students.

We Always Need Discounts and Special Offers. Does Projectsdeal UK Give Them?

This company does not give discounts and special offers to its buyers. Even, they do not give support or cooperation to the students if they need.

Verdict: What About the Quality?

After judging this site performance we came to know that they are delivering garbage content quality to their buyers which is not usable. It is totally a waste.

Can You Expect Timely Delivery? team is unable to facilitate 24/7 and even though they are unable to provide orders on time. Through this act, students do find any difficulties and are also disappointed by their service. We totally deny this writing service.


  1. John

    These are bunch of scammer to steal your money; do not every trust them. They are school kids who would ruin your educational life. I submitted an assignment and paid above 100$ and the work returned was just my documents and the person who was chatting sounded like a kid of 8th grade. Please don't waste your time here, try to find somewhere else and make sure you explain them and get your answers before you can pay the down payment for the work; I have disputed through the paypal and hopefully, they will get the money out of this scammer.


    They are very helpful and respond quickly before you pay, Once you pay, they will never ever respond to any of your email, I asked for a help for an assignment and they sent me something totally different, like the closest pdf file that they did not know what it was, when I tried explaining that this wasn't the assignment I sent, they ignored my emails for like 2 whole days, when I try to chat with them, they would literally cut me off once I ask about my situation. Just avoid them at all costs!


    This is 100% scam website. They're fooling you with the design of the website. The address they have in their website is fake too. Everything about this website is fake. They sent me a paypal link on my email to pay for the homework. I paid $200 as initial payment to start working on my homework. When you try to contacting them via email they will not respond. Even if you're trying to reach them using the live chat support they will procrastinate with a reply. DON'T get fooled.


    I emailed detailed instructions and explanation of my paper, told them the due date and they wer not able to do any of what I asked. They didn't deliver it in time, when I got it it was so bad quality that I couldn't use it. I asked for my money back but did only get half of it back, I paid 335$. So waste of time and effort to work with this site. Do not trust!


    The worst help website i ever deal with . they did the assignment after the deadline and it was full of errors then refuse to give me refund.


    They said they would refund the money within 5-7 days and still I haven’t got anything. They just hold your money . Don’t trust them . On top of everything they don’t try to help you, they ignore you. What type of business treat customers like that ? They’ll lose many students.


    I went on a vacation and ordered my paper to When I came back a day before submission and asked them about essay, they didn't receive my call. I called and mailed frantically. What I got I never asked for. No referencing or structure. Don’t go to these fraudsters.


    My experience with has been very disappointing. First, they did not deliver my paper on time. Second, they did not bother to check the plagiarism of the paper before sending it to me. And guess what? They did not even respond to my phone call when I claimed for a refund.


    Beware they are fraud , they sent me empty packet tracer file near the last minute of submission I couldn’t submit it and I fail and they didn’t do assignment in the required version and it opened blank on me and they are not giving me refund and also I put the dispute with PayPal and thus shameless frauds are contesting the charges, they are telling me to come online and chat with grievance cell but the guy is not accepting his mistake and repeated same shit that they delivered the solution I said it was empty file but the guy is arguing me that they will be no refund, please don’t go for this company they are scammers, 100 % scam.


    They are nothing but scammers trying to rob people of. I could only manage to place an order, and believe me, nothing worked well any further. No writers, no customer care executives, no original content, nothing. Ever since I have ordered my essay paper, I didn’t receive a single call back or any further confirmation from their end. Not only this, when I tried figuring out further information about this site from other users, most of them were of the opinion that the site is completely fake, unreliable and unprofessional. Now so many people cannot be wrong. I am now having serious trust issues.

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