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Key Features:
  • Oxbridge Essays offers a range of services, but their performance in each is lackluster at best. Their website is insecure, exposing customers to potential data breaches and privacy violations. Additionally, their pricing scheme lacks transparency and consistency, leaving customers unsure of what they're paying for. The quality of their writers is questionable, with many lacking the qualifications and expertise needed to produce satisfactory work. Furthermore, instead of addressing customer concerns, Oxbridge Essays resorts to threats when asked for refunds, creating a hostile and unprofessional environment. Overall, their services are riddled with shortcomings and risks, making them a poor choice for anyone seeking reliable academic assistance.

The Website: Is It Easy to Use?

The insecurity of Oxbridge Essays' website raises serious concerns about the legitimacy and legality of their operations. The absence of proper registration indicates that the company is operating outside the bounds of regulatory oversight, likely from an undisclosed location in India. As a result, customers are left vulnerable in the event of disputes, as there is no legal recourse available to hold Oxbridge Essays accountable for any grievances or misconduct. This lack of accountability further underscores the untrustworthiness and dubious nature of the company, leaving customers with little recourse to seek redress or resolution in the face of unethical or fraudulent practices. It's imperative for individuals to exercise caution and avoid engaging with Oxbridge Essays to mitigate the risks associated with their insecure and unregistered status.

Features That Get Your Attention

Oxbridge Essays stoops to deceptive tactics by deploying agents who operate under fake profiles to engage with unsuspecting students. These agents adopt a charming demeanor to entice individuals into placing orders, creating a false sense of trust and reliability. However, once an order is placed, communication becomes virtually non-existent, with inquiries often met with silence or delayed responses. The only time Oxbridge Essays' agents are prompt in their replies is when customers request a refund, at which point they resort to employing threatening language, including the possibility of contacting the individual's university. Such predatory behavior is characteristic of a fraudulent operation that prioritizes financial gain over ethical conduct. Students are strongly advised to steer clear of Oxbridge Essays to avoid falling victim to their deceitful practices and potential repercussions from academic institutions.

What Can You Order?

Oxbridge Essays is utterly unreliable and unworthy of trust in any capacity. Their track record of poor service, lack of accountability, and disregard for customer satisfaction renders them wholly unfit for patronage. It is strongly advised to steer clear of Oxbridge Essays and safeguard your finances from their exploitative practices. Entrusting them with any task or service is akin to throwing your money away with no hope of return. In the realm of academic assistance, Oxbridge Essays stands as a cautionary tale of incompetence and unreliability. It's in your best interest to heed this warning and seek out reputable alternatives for your needs.

The Scary Part: Is It Affordable?

Oxbridge Essays may advertise seemingly cheap pricing rates, but their lack of a privacy policy and insecure website should serve as glaring red flags for potential customers. These deficiencies suggest that the company's primary objective is not to provide academic assistance, but rather to exploit unsuspecting individuals by harvesting their personal and financial information. This information could potentially be utilized for nefarious purposes, including identity theft and other criminal activities. Consequently, entrusting Oxbridge Essays with sensitive data poses a significant risk to one's personal and financial safety, outweighing any perceived benefits of their purportedly low pricing rates. In an era fraught with cybersecurity threats, prioritizing the protection of one's personal information is paramount, making Oxbridge Essays a perilous choice for anyone seeking academic assistance.

We Always Need Discounts and Special Offers. Does Projectsdeal UK Give Them?

Oxbridge Essays fails to provide any form of discounts or special schemes, leaving customers feeling undervalued and unappreciated. This lack of incentive further exacerbates the already dismal experience of dealing with this company. Without the prospect of discounts or special offers, clients are left to shoulder the full burden of Oxbridge Essays' exorbitant prices, exacerbating the financial strain of seeking academic assistance. In an industry where competition is fierce and customer loyalty is paramount, Oxbridge Essays' failure to offer even the most basic of incentives speaks volumes about their disregard for customer satisfaction and their sole focus on maximizing profits at the expense of their clientele.

Verdict: What About the Quality?

Oxbridge Essays is emblematic of everything wrong with the online writing industry, offering nothing but a facade of deception and incompetence. Despite their claims of providing legitimate services, the reality is far grimmer. Their so-called writers lack the qualifications and competence to deliver work that adheres to customer instructions, resulting in a litany of disappointment and frustration for unsuspecting clients. Instead of crafting original content, these fake writers resort to reselling work or shamelessly plagiarizing from existing sources, further compounding the issue of academic dishonesty. To make matters worse, Oxbridge Essays' failure to utilize plagiarism detection tools like Turnitin underscores their utter disregard for quality and integrity. Clients are left to grapple with subpar work that not only fails to meet their expectations but also poses a serious risk to their academic reputation. In essence, Oxbridge Essays epitomizes the worst aspects of the online writing industry, prioritizing profit over professionalism and integrity. For those seeking genuine academic assistance, it's imperative to steer clear of this fraudulent outfit and seek reputable alternatives that prioritize transparency, quality, and customer satisfaction.

Can You Expect Timely Delivery?

Oxbridge Essays epitomizes the quintessential scam writing firm, employing deceptive tactics to lure unsuspecting clients into their web of deceit. While they boast of delivering work before the deadline, the reality is far from promising. Clients are often left high and dry with incomplete, fake, or entirely irrelevant work that bears no resemblance to their prescribed requirements. Moreover, Oxbridge Essays' lack of accountability is glaringly evident in their refusal to offer any form of revision or rectification post-submission. This blatant disregard for customer satisfaction underscores their true intentions as a scam operation, prioritizing profit over professionalism and integrity. Given their track record of deceptive practices and substandard service delivery, it's abundantly clear that Oxbridge Essays is not to be trusted. Clients would be wise to steer clear of this unscrupulous outfit and seek reputable alternatives that prioritize transparency, quality, and customer satisfaction. In the cutthroat world of online writing services, Oxbridge Essays stands out as a cautionary tale of deceit and betrayal, a firm best avoided at all costs.


  1. Evangeline

    Really bad. I have no choice but to approve and move on with my loss. I will not be using this paper for my assignment. To begin with, the paper is not written by a native English speaker. Female authors were referred as a "he"


    I got a 30% out of 100%. Half of the things were confusing and there was grammar mistakes.I said before that I was spanish studying in the UK, so they wouldn't use unusual words, and there was a lot of sentences that they realised I didn't write it.


    For a pro level writer the paper was not that good even after revisions. I asked for analysis and it was more like a summary and there were spelling errors and sentences that didn't make sense.


    Oxbridgeessays.com is not great as they say. I just got an article from the company and it was of bad quality. I chose the most experienced writer in my field and this is what happened. What would happen if I choose someone who does not ‘specialize’ in it?


    If I could give them less I would. I paid £105 and was told I was getting great service. I got a 30/100 - 30% which is a fail as I needed 39%. DO NOT USE THIS WEBSITE.


    Watch out , what they did was ok but i was expecting more ,real poor service , dont think once you pay you can get your money back , poor show by this company , they are very happy to screw you right over , no after service either , once you put the money in a holding pot you cant get it back ,, please try another service not this pile of crap.


    Hopeless site!! they can't even write an essay properly! i had to change 2 writers and guess what? i waited 1 month plus for a work done by catte , just to get plagarized work and gramatical error. if you are rushing for datelines , please don't engage their service ! they will take their own time to upload and if you ask for fast work expect it to be trash! best part: their customer service will recommand people who isn't even qualified in that field. worst service !!!


    Complain to the police, action fraud, trading standards and sue them. Their work (garbage is a better term to use) probably was written by someone who managed to pass third grade with a lot of difficulty. failed failed failed again and gave up…


    Rubbish stay away if you don’t want fail. Bunch of fraud with fake names and american accents not even british zero star rating they are fake.

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