Key Features:
    • Frauds
    • Stealing bank accounts details
    • No privacy policy
    • Late delivery

The Website: Is It Easy to Use?

Proofreadingservice claims to provide you with ease and relief. Nonetheless, their site is very complicated for new users. They waste you mostly time on placing order.

Features That Get Your Attention

Proofreadingservice promises many things for you to serve you with your writings and proofreading needs. Their agents target innocent students with their fake Facebook profiles in order to convince them to take the company products. But, be careful they are scammers and cheater, you should not trust them. they use the fake physical address in order to make you fool. They are not UK origin but working from some distant part of India.

What Can You Order?

        • Proofreading
        • Assignment
        • Editing
        • Summary
        • Presentation

The Scary Part: Is It Affordable?

Proofreadingservice charges your heavily for their fraud products. What all they want from you is not your trust in them but your money. They are economically unfriendly. They do not care that how you manage to pay them as a student. They just need money. Their aim is not serving you.

We Always Need Discounts and Special Offers. Does Projectsdeal UK Give Them?

Very charming gifts and discounts they claim to offer for you. However, keep in mind that these are fake things use for making you fool. They can never help you. Besides, they do not refund your money despite late delivery or worst quality materials. They threaten you to contact university when you request them for refund.

Verdict: What About the Quality?

Proofreading services are also null in providing quality stuff. Their materials are awful from all aspect. Very high numbers of mistakes are included therein. Their staff of expert are unqualified. They do not hire professionals’ team of writers and proofreaders. The team, they have, work is faulty and plagiarized. They do not use Turnitin. They use some cheap software.

Can You Expect Timely Delivery?

Last but not least, proofreadingservices are slow in delivery and bad in quality. it is a serious matter for those who are bound to tight deadline of submitting. Your teacher may fail you if you do not submit it on time. So, never rely on this fraud company. Moreover, they do not offer revision after submission. Overall, we do not recommend them.


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