qualityproofreading.co.uk Review 

Key Features:
    • Blackmailing
    • Fake services
    • Late delivery
    • Plagiarism

The Website: Is It Easy to Use?

Qualityproofreading can easily be used. But still, you are not known whether thy offer services in your interest area. This thing does not give them credit.

Features That Get Your Attention

You may want help with your writings in terms of making it perfect grammatically, syntactically, and to also correcting formatting and removing plagiarism. To do so, you should go to a proofreading firm. Qualityproofreading is one of the corporations that offer proofreading, editing, plagiarism report and other services. But wait, can we trust them? As far as their physical address is fake, we cannot rely on their claims and services. they use the fake physical address of UK. However, they are Indian working from some remote part of India.

What Can You Order?

        • Proofreading
        • Editing
        • Plagiarism report
        • Presentation
        • Summary

The Scary Part: Is It Affordable?

Their prices are average. It can come under your budget and you can afford them. Nonetheless, as their activities are doubtful, we can never suggest them. it has been reported by past customers that this firm steals personal and financial information of clients in order to hack their bank account to sink it. This behaviour is never trustworthy.

We Always Need Discounts and Special Offers. Does Projectsdeal UK Give Them?

The company do not offer a discount scheme as their rates are not so high. But their frauds activities can entangle you in serious issues. Moreover, they do not return your money. They threaten you to approach your university when you ask for a refund.

Verdict: What About the Quality?

Quality is the thing which really matters in writing services. however, quality proofreading team is not qualified so to accomplish your job. They lack knowledge of formats such as APA, MLA etc. their services are not up to the standard mark. Also, despite offering plagiarism removing services their deliver work is half plagiarized. They do not use Turnitin. They use some cheap software.

Can You Expect Timely Delivery?

They do not care about you. Quality proofreading main priorities are hacking and scamming. They always delayed their delivery to you. So, overall, they can never help you. They also do not give revision after submission. Thus, we do not recommend this cheater firm.

User review

“My main issue is the editing. The editing was certainly not sufficient for somebody of my near-native level English and therefore could've been much stronger. What I mean is that the editing level needs to be "stepped up" when it comes to people like myself who can write fairly well. In this case, you as a company need to consider allocating the “right” editor for this type of job. Overall I thought the editor did a good job with regards to proofreading, even though I did notice he didn't focus enough on the footnotes as I found a couple of grammar mistakes there. In short, there was more proofreading and much less editing. As such, it wasn't worth the £111 that I paid and I'm afraid I won't be using your services anymore. If I just wanted to proofread then I would have gone with another company. As I said, I expected a higher quality of editing. Perhaps you may need to consider raising the return time from the current max. 72 hours to maybe a week so that editors can have sufficient time to deliver more sophisticated editing. Not everybody is in a rush to get their document back. Or simply make sure you assign the appropriate editor for the type of job, i.e. for authors who already possess a strong level of English but need that extra strengthening of academic language and flow.”


“This review won't be about the quality of proofreading. In January I was asked to review my experience and I have already said that it was average because the editor used Indeed more than 10 times. After my review, I was contacted by the team member and offered compensation for 3000 words and asked if I could make my review less negative by adding that I had the issue for the first time, but they are usually very good. And I did it because it reflected reality. But the real horror started when I claimed these 3000 words and received the email saying (quoting): 'Following your unfair Trustpilot review, we will not be assisting. Best of luck.' I find this extremely rude and I am very upset that the service I used for more than 2 years let me down. I tried to email the company or call them seeking the explanation, but have not received the answer in the last 48 hours. And I don't think they will ever answer. Just a tip: don't hope that someone will pick up the phone, I called around 10 times and no one picked up. Qualityproofreading, I have not asked for the compensation and you offered it, and rejecting my request in this rude way is absolute nonsense and I think you should really reconsider your customer support. I have never had such a disgusting experience ever in my life.”

By Olga

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