Key Features: provides writing services to assist students including different key features:

    • Dissertation help, assignment help, coursework help, and other writing services.
    • 24/7 availability
    • 100% quality and satisfaction
    • Timely delivery
    • Full customer support

    They are not reliable in all their services. They are faux.

The Website: Is It Easy to Use?

Website is digitized in a quite pretty manner but there are some difficulties in understanding their features. Their price calculator is very complex and extensive.

Features That Get Your Attention

Ukwritings mentioned different features on their websites like pricing offers, 100% quality satisfaction, order calculator, and others in order to gain attention.

What Can You Order?

They are offering multiple services but their quality is not good and usable. So, we do not suggest you to order any feature service of this website.

The Scary Part: Is It Affordable?

The UK writings charge different charges for each service which is not affordable for the students. The cheap word on a web page is a show-off, $41.12 including 250 words in 3 hours that looks highly expensive students cannot afford.

We Always Need Discounts and Special Offers. Does Projectsdeal UK Give Them? do not offer any type of discount to their buyers. Discount offers increase the sales but this company does not pay any attention to it.

Verdict: What About the Quality?

It is a waste of money and time if you think to use this service because their performance is not high like their prices. This company is a fraud because they are unable to maintain high-quality project delivery.

Can You Expect Timely Delivery?

UK writers are impotent to deliver the order on time. Students find many hurdles if they use this service. We do not recommend it.


  1. Dallas

    Best place where to steal Money. Do not use they just steal your money...on the website all is amazing with good reviews but just check other reviews online ( l didn't ) please please please do not use this service. I received 300words ( instead of 3500 ) 4 hours after the deadline. I did not pass the year after spending extra money for what they called 'special support' that was never looking after my work.


    This must be the worst writing service on the Web. There is no money back guarantee as the website falsely advertises. The work I received made no sense and had nothing to do with the assignment I had uploaded. Just three papers full of absolute nonsensical rubbish. This site refused to give me my money back as per thier 100% money back gurantee..even though I stated clearly what was wrong with the papers, thier own 'investigation' team couldn't find any problems so that was the end of it. If you read this review and still go ahead to use this website be prepared to lose your money, time and gain a whole lot of headache as a result. Dear desperate students,this website is a scam. You have been warned.


    This service is terrible, after dealing with this service I am inclined to believe all the positive posts and comments are paid and fake. A word of warning, do not give these people your money!


    THIS IS NOT A LEGITIMATE COMPANY. Please, PLEASE listen. This company does not deliver anything you ask for. I stupidly fell for it under pressure and lost a lot of money for a complete garbage piece of work I was sent. Only refunded half of what I paid. I'm convinced positive reviews on here have to be made up by the company. In short: this is a scam. Do not waste your hard earned money.


    I was scammed out of more than 560 pounds, This is not a uk based site, when you speak on the phone they are Russian. They do not care about your work in fact they dont do anything but send you other peoples work which are nothing to do with what you ordered, i sent them an essay written perfectly for apa referencing as i am not good with formatting they didn nothing after three months, and many re writes i asked for a refund by paypal they persueded me to drop the case for a full refund there end , they did not refund me and then sent me someone else work which wasnt even my subject. They are evil scammers who have opened up fake wordpress sites saying they are good.


    SCAM COMPANY DO NOT BUY SCAM COMPANY. I asked for an essay rewrite, the grammar English and format was appalling not even high school level they didnt understand the APA system, had five rewrites then i opened paypal dispute they promised it had been rewritten but wouldn't release the work until i closed dispute ...the work they then sent was the same unusual shoddy essay with a few added extra words that didn't make sense a total scam as are the positive reviews....


    Horrible experience for my first order with ukwritings. I read carefully the piece of paper which doesn’t reflect at all a master level of work, even a 2 :1 grade at all. I was extremely disappointed. It is the first time I ordered with ukwritings and there is no quality of work. I do not know how they their quality report is checked but I can guaranty you that there were so many basics spellings, grammar mistakes and unstructured sentences, so many sentences must be re-worded as they didn’t make sense. Iwas also worried about their originality report for the plagiarism. I don’t believe that their writer who wrote this was a native english speaker. Really I was so disappointed you can’t imagine. As my deadline was soon I have to rework on that piece of work myself. I wasted my money and my time. Thanks for giving me all these worries




    This is a scam company. They illegally steal money from students. They don't even bother to send a plagiarized paper or a late paper. They just take the money and block you. If they were in the jurisdiction of a US, UK, or Australian court, they would be in jail.


    WORST SERVICE! DO NOT USE DO NOT USE DO NOT USE!! Made the mistake of ordering from them, THEY WONT FINISH UR PAPER THEY WILL KEEP ASKING FOR EXTENTIONS AND GIVE U FAKE GURANTTEES MY PAPER HAS BEEN OVERDUE FOR A WEEK NOW AND I DIDNT GET IT!! Their writers are bad their service is even worse. This is my first time reviewing, this is a warning DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM!


    I ordered an essay and I got something that didn’t look like it. It was a rewritten blog post (I found it easy). It didn’t have the essay structure. It didn’t have a clear thesis statement. I complained but the customer support ignored my messages. I do not recommend this service. There are much better options.”

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